hoo is a new 5% OTA founded by hotel owners just like you.
hoo allows the optimisation of RevPar and provides you with a better understanding of the consumer.

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"We have enabled offers with hoo to improve our occupancy rate ."

Why did we start hoo?

Established OTAs are unsustainable - it is a race to the bottom. Competing against themselves, spending billions on Google Adwords, they simply pass that cost on to hotels in the commissions they charge. There's no way to reduce the fees, even as some OTAs & hotels go bust.

Competition is not genuine - not for the hotel owner or the consumer. 80%+ of OTA bookings are owned by just two brands.

OTAs don’t think hotels matter – but we understand that hotel operators are just as important as the paying customers and deserve a better service. 

hoo is a group of hotel operators, tired of 15-40% commission rates, and founders from other sectors who believe this can be changed for the better - introducing buyers & sellers should not cost this much.

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capturing market share without changing headline rates or visibly discounting.

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Discover the prices your customers are prepared to pay for rooms - you can't sell a bed the day after it was empty.

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Cancellations for UK hotel bookings were up 19.3 per cent between January and March year-on-year, with 39.3 per cent of all hotel bookings now being cancelled, according to research by hotel room offer platform Hoo.

Hoo says Brits are now more optimistic that holidays abroad will be possible from mid-May and that’s caused a 17% swing in favour of jetting away for a bit of sun, sea and sand, with 70% of people surveyed now saying the Government should keep travel restrictions in place.

According to research by Hoo, the hotel room offer platform, the average sum spent by tourists has climbed by as much as 218% in some global tourism destinations.

Just a month ago, Hoo surveyed the UK on holiday plans for 2021 and found that 87% of people didn’t think the government should lift travel restrictions, while 88% had no plans to book a vacation abroad this year.

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